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All About Wine

Glass of wine on a table filled with bottles of wineWine is something that comes in a variety of tastes, colors and years. It is considered to be one of the best drinks to have with certain foods. However, many people become confused when they walk into a liquor store that has a wide variety of wine. It makes sense since there are so many different options that are out there. In order to figure out where to start with wine, it is best that you know all that you can know about wine. Continue reading

Welcome sign outside of the famous Napa Valley area of California

All About Napa Valley in California

Welcome sign outside of the famous Napa Valley area of CaliforniaWhen people in the United States think of quality wine, they often think of Napa Valley in California. Why is this? Because some of the best wines that are made in the US come from Napa Valley. The history of Napa Valley is very long as it was founded in 1850. It is approximately 787 square miles in size, and the views in the area are simply breathtaking. That is why the Napa Valley is considered to be a great destination for anyone, Continue reading

Jobs In The Wine Making Industry

The winemaker enjoying a glass of wine standing next to his casksMaking wine is not as simple as it seems. Most people have the idea that the grapes are grown, mashed, fermented and then bottled for consumption as wine. However, it is much more in-depth than this and involves a whole team of people who are working on every bottle of wine that comes through the production line.

The farmers are the first bunch of people who work within the wine making industry. These farmers are responsible for producing a new grape production. They have to consider the types of grapes they are using, ensure that the soil is appropriately draining and hope for weather that is conductive of good grape growing. Once the grapes have matured, it is the farmers that pick these grapes and ship them to be turned into wine. However, there are several hands on the vineyard that are responsible for picking these grapes and ensuring that they are not damaged while being picked, which can be harder than it seems. There are people who drive tractors, there are the pickers, those that move the grapes on large pallets (forklift operators), managers, and more. Some of these occupations required extra training – particularly in the area of safety training on the forklifts. Many of these farm type jobs are dangerous and require significant training to keep the farm accident and injury free.

Winemakers are the people behind the wine. For the most part, most winemakers have a degree in science or something of this nature. They are responsible for ensuring that the wine being bottled is the right quality that they need, as well as managing the manufacturing plants staff. For the most part, most people look at the winemaker as the manager and operational head of the wine making process.

Within a wine manufacturing company, there are several people who are considered to be the grunt workers of wine making. These workers are going to be responsible for getting the grapes into the crusher, transporting juices to the tank to ferment, adding the appropriate spices to the tank in order to let this stew and become the wine that people expect to buy on the shelves. These types of jobs usually require a forklift or walkie stacker and you need to be licensed to operate them. These people are often headed up by a cellar manager or a winemaker assistant. This person will test the wine that is being produced to ensure it is at the right level of acidic and has the right ingredients according to the recipe that is being utilized.

There are sales involved in the wine making industry, after all, businesses that sell wine do not just take any wine that comes to them. They want to be ensured that this is a high quality wine and that this is something that they are going to have access to getting if customers like it. Those who sell the wine are often considered to be creative heads since they are coming up with unique ways to market the product and get it on the shelves and into the homes of those who love wine.

The wine making industry is more than what most people imagine it being. There are even more jobs within the industry devoted to recipe creation and the like, all of which are aiming to produce the best wine that is possible. Educational degrees are not always required in these positions, yet most wine making companies prefer to have someone with some sort of wine background, whether they have science degrees or a wine drinking enthusiasts.

Nice vineyard in wine country at dusk

Why Taking A Wine Country Vacation Is Good For Your Soul

Nice vineyard in wine country at duskThere are several people who wonder where they should go on their vacation. One of the options that is out there is a wine country vacation. These types of vacations is all about learning about the wine within an area, including how it is made, what goes into it to make it what it is, and how it tastes. Many of those who go on a tour of wine country, often find that they see several wineries within the time frame that they are on the road, making them knowledgeable of all things related to wine. It also provides them with some great stories to share at dinner parties and with those that they know.

The Experience

The experience is something that is hard to describe in words, as it means so much to so many different people. Many people often comment that the wine was the highlight of the trip. They comment on the process that it takes to get wine, the learning process and the like. However, other people comment on the beautiful scenery that makes up wine country. Imagine fields and fields of endless grape vines accompanied with mountains in the background and a beautiful sunset. It is this type of scenery that attracts many people to go back every few years just to see the stunning views.

Aside from the feelings after the wine country vacation, the person is going to walk away with more of a knowledge about wine than they had before. Even those who feel that they know wine well are going to find that there is always something new to learn. One of the techniques that most people find intriguing is the way in which a certain brand of wine goes about perfecting the wine. They may try numerous spices and sweeteners to get the wine to the exact right taste that they are hoping to achieve. Plus, many people who take these tours are the first to know about a new wine that is being offered by the wineries, and may even be one of the first to get a sip of this wine. We have a friend whose husband suffered a horrible burn injury at work, much like Mr. Morecraft, and he just needed some time to rehabilitate. They decided that a wine country trip would be very soothing to both heart and soul. We joined them on this vacation and it was a magical experience. There is just something about wine country that feeds your soul with warmth, relaxation, and renewal. The husband returned to his medical rehab after the trip, and his motivation level and spirit was at a new high. We all find our own motivations and his was this trip.

Preparing for your Trip

If you decide that this is the best place for you to go on your vacation, then you are not alone in this thinking. Once you decide to go, be sure that you wear comfortable clothing and pack a good pair of walking shoes. You may not do much walking, but if you tour the area, it is always better to be more comfortable. Remember that these tours are open for anyone, yet those who are not at least twenty-years old are not going to get samples of the wine. Be sure that if you travel during the summer that you pack sunscreen and drink plenty of water as you can easily become sunburned and dehydrated.

When my wife and I were trying to decide between a river cruise in America or a wine country vacation in New Zealand, we decided that rest and relaxation were most important to us. For this reason, and the fact that we enjoy good wine, we decided that a trip to New Zealand was what we needed. This is an educational tour as well as one that is going to help you relax, so it is perfect for just about anyone that wants to take these vacations to learn more about the art of winemaking.

How To Pick The Best Wine For A Dinner Party

A group of friends enjoying a glass of wine with their cheese and fruit platesSeveral times a year, some people have dinner parties in their home as a way to connect with friends and catch up on all the latest gossip. However, one aspect that holds many people back from having a dinner party is they are stumped as to what type of wine that they should be offering at their dinner party.

Why Wine Is Important?

Why does it matter what wine you serve with your dinner party? Well, if you were to serve the wrong type of wine at a party, it is considered a big faux pas on your behalf. This is the equivalent to having vegans at your party, yet serving only meat at your dinner party. It is a problem that people want to try to avoid, which is why so many people are not putting on as many dinner parties as they once did.

Options with Wine

There are several options that you have with wine and you need to know what you can have at your dinner party in order to know what to serve. The two basic types are red and white wine. Yet within these types of wines you have dry wines and those that have a more robust flavor. With this being said, here are a few tips to help decipher just which wine you need to serve at your next dinner party:

1. White wines are usually served with seafood dishes
2. Red wines go well with Italian food and those that contain red meat
3. Wine is usually served chilled or room temperature. Hot is not usually the way that people want their wine. Consider having the wine bottle on ice before serving.
4. When serving one color or the other, consider having several varieties within this color so that everyone is happier and there will be something that everyone will enjoy drinking.
5. Pair lighter wines with lighter meals, while heavier wines should go with heavier foods.
6. Watch for the acidic of foods and be sure that your wine is matching this. For example, a high acidic food is going to best be paired with a wine that is high in acidic qualities. For example a lemon dish is best paired with a pinot noir.
7. You should always pair spicy foods with wines that are spicy, as the two will compliment each other well.

The best advice that anyone can have is that they should choose a wine that they like. Most dinner parties that are thrown these days are not hanging on the rules as they did years ago. People like to have wine with their meals, yet they want a wine that they are going to enjoy.

If you are still unsure of what to serve, when you go to the wine store ask the clerk. Many times those who work around wines are very educated as to what foods that these wines will pair with. They may be able to point you to a hidden gem of a wine that is a new taste for you, and one that everyone enjoys.

How Grapes Are Grown

Fresh grapes still on the vine waiting to be turned into wine

There are several types of grapes on the market that you can grow. Some of these grapes are meant to be eaten alone, often called table grapes, while other grapes are especially good for jellies and jams, and there are specific types of grapes that are good for making wine. Growing grapes, no matter what type of grapes you are growing can be rather difficult, as it takes certain weather and care to ensure that these grapes are going to grow to maturity.

Step 1: Once you have chosen the type of grape that you want, be sure that this grape is going to be able to grow in the soil and climate that you are in. Your local nursery should be able to tell you if this is the case, or if you need a different type of grape. Once you have the roots of the grape in your hands, be sure that you are not letting the roots dry out as this will kill the grape. However, do not place the roots into a bucket of water for longer than a day. This is why it is best to get these roots when you are ready to plant these into the soil.

Step 2: The actual planting of grapes needs to be done in soil that can drain well. In fact, most people find that grapes thrive in rocky or sandy soil. You need to plant these roots eight to ten feet apart in order to allow the root to have room to grow and mature.

Step 3: For the first month, at least, while the root has been planted, be sure that you are watering these well enough to saturate the root. This is a dire time in which grapes need a lot of attention. If you do not water these roots, the plant will begin to perform poorly, likewise if you water too much you will find that the grapes will suffer with diseases.

Step 4: Clear an area of six to eight feet around where you have planted as the grape vines will branch out to this far past the initial planting area.

Step 5: Continuously check on your plants, as it will take years for the grape vine to mature to product grapes. During this time, be sure that your vines are a healthy color, if not this could indicate that the grapes are not getting enough water.

If you are serious about growing grapes, no matter what type of grapes that you are planting, it is best to do your research and ensure that you have the time to devote to growing these grapes. Grapes are not something that can be left alone to their own devices, they require time and care. Once you start producing grapes it will be a full time job getting these picked and doing whatever you have planned for these grapes. The time and effort you put into this, will be rewarded once you start producing great tasting grapes.